«Autumn and pixies»

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«Autumn and pixies»

This photograph was taken in the National Park of Ordesa, specifically in the Añisclo Canyon. This is a beech (Fagus silvatica) which is already famous for being photographed by all photographers who are lucky to walk through this great place. After making countless compositions, I decided to put myself me into the setting, making use of the delay of 10 seconds of the self-timer with the «braketing» of the camera on three photos, in order to take further advantage of the delay and play with different water speeds. I decided to put myself in one of the “thirds” taking advantage of that “empty” space, and thus be able to «play» also with the water from the stream. This picture gave me a great joy when it was chosen by the magazine “Grandes Espacios” of the editorial “Desnivel” as cover for the Autumn Special in October of 2010. Not only was it my first cover with this important publication but I also had the honour to be in the picture, something that later happened again.

Equipo: Canon Eos 5D II con objetivo 17-40 mm en 30 mm 3,2” a F11 y 100 ISO. +0,7 EV (Compensación de la exposición) Trípode y filtro polarizador.

The picture was originally horizontal, but the editors decided to cut and use the central-right part of the image, which, on this occasion, I thought was a great success. I have to admit that I came at an ideal time where all the colours of the autumn were in full swing. The most difficult decision was the balance of colours, autumn colours highlighted much with the white-blue of the over-exposed water, problem which was solved with an adjustment of levels and curves in Photoshop.

Equipment: Canon Eos 5 d II with 30 mm 17-40 mm objective 3.2 » F11 and ISO 100. + 0.7 EV (exposure compensation) tripod and polarizing filter.

Manuel Mata Oliver (MANUMA)10150095_522780264499943_532719892_n