Desert Jewels Tour

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Today we visit an area that is home to a wide variety of landscapes and amazing desert landscapes, with amazing shapes and colours like gigantic white dunes, crossed by layers of lands of salmon colours, surrounded by spectacular rocks with red and yellow tones, forming a crucible of shapes and colours, unique in Europe. In the middle of this beautiful set flows the large Guadalquivir of Cordoba and Seville surrounded by a lush river bank vegetation as if it were an oasis in the desert. Apart from the great photographic opportunities, the place offers a landscape of the most varied where we can see the Earth and its history, reflected in its geology and its minerals and different layers and colours of its soil, find peace and feel as if we were part of this amazing place.

* Photographic tours with personal tuition.

* Guided walking tour with information about flora and fauna, ethnography and geology, by comfortable paths, distance: from 8 to 15 km (difference height 300 m).


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