Intimate dreams

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Sueños intimos_Manuma72

Intimate dreams

In my photographic workshops (and beyond) I always like to share my philosophy on «the life of a photographer in nature». One of my «big» secrets has always been (although I didn’t know it) sharing alone with nature.

Going out for a stroll, for breathing fresh air and enjoy the great outdoor landscapes. This synergy, becomes over time into something «necessary» and those hours you spend alone in the field, serve as improvised meditation to be with you. There will not be anyone who says «look this composition» or to tell you «look at that other» and nothing distracts you, just your thoughts and the birds which lay the soundtrack to your walk.

When I arrived that afternoon to the Arrecife de las Sirenas (reef of the sirens) in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, I spotted from far this person, who I recognized as my friend Paco Fernández, another naturalist and lover of photography. Then, before I approached him, I decided not to say anything and that each would continue with their work and their loneliness. I looked for an appropriate situation for my tripod, and thus be able to insert my friend with the reef, I took the photos… and I went. This framing of the Arrecife de las Sirenas, is in no way typical.

Data of the picture:

Camera Canon Eos 5 d II with Canon lens 17-40 mm and 28 mm

2, 5″ to F16 and 50 ISO. Tripod

Polarizing filter and soft gradient filter 2 steps

Manuel Mata Olives (Manuma)