Mistery Rocks Tour

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The Torcal is one of the most interesting and spectacular places in Andalusia, where erosion from the elements, has carved over thousands of years an incredible landscape, with “forests” and labyrinths of stones, formed by limestone rocks whose ghostly forms appear to want to suggest faces and petrified figures. This magical landscape is accentuated even further in days of snow, fog or in the light of the moon. This mystery invites you to wander through its narrow, breathtaking alleyways. You’ll be amazed by the beauty and uniqueness of this place which seem to want to transport us to past times or invite us to enter into a world of new dimensions, where to open our senses, and horizons and live new sensations and experiences.

* Photographic tours with personal tuition.

* Guided walking tour with information about flora and fauna, ethnography and geology, by comfortable paths, distance:  from 1,5, to 15 km (difference height from 100 to 400 meters).


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