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Avefría Europea

Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

Al Andalus Photo Tour of Andalus launches a new product based on the ornithology. In Andalusia we find one of the richest European Union ornithological heritages. With landscapes formed by natural dynamics and its inhabitants, giving it a great social, ecological and cultural value.

The aim is to spread the high ecological value of these territories, through bird watching, that serves as a dynamic instrument with a balanced and sustainable development of rural areas, through the enhancement and promotion of the natural, cultural and social resources. Andalus Photo Tour has designed routes for bird watching and has additionally conditioned the area with hides for wildlife photography.

Birds share with men, throughout history, the rich natural areas and can help guide the visitor as an engine to discover all these values. The ornithological variety is a great heritage that we must conserve and valorise.

One of the main attractions are the landscapes of great beauty and contrast, which can be found and that occur with different forms. Dunes, mountains, cliffs, volcanic and, steppe areas as well as lakes. All contain a rich bird fauna, which will be discovered in the routes and that we will see very often, even leaving the flight pass. Itineraries vary, from short excursions, to routes of long duration according to the demands of visitors, on foot or by vehicle.


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