Photographic tour Andalusia 7 days

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Andalusia 7 days,  from  Granada

Eastern week (Optional extra night in Málaga) 

“Discover the landscape variety of a whole continent without going further than Andalusia.

We take you from surprising sub tropical woods and fir forests in the wettest area of Andalusia to the desert landscapes in Europe’s driest land, crossing landscapes with unlimited photographical possibilities, high snow capped mountain peaks, lush Mediterranean forests, agricultural landscapes in Toscana style, white villages, phantasmagorical rock landscapes, volcanic coasts and places of cultural and monumental interests”.

Workshops on landscape and night photography

This tours has the extra of offering two disciplines on the same trip, landscape and night photography. The workshops are given by two teachers with proven experience in landscape and night photography and are available for a large public, from the tourist wanting to know and enjoy interesting places, the amateur photographer wanting to learn and improve his/her knowledge to the professional pretending to extend his portfolio.

The workshops are intended to familiarize the participants with the different theoretical and practical aspects of landscape and night photography and prepare them for the different situation and possibilities in the field.The photographic excursions are in this manner focused on learning and using in the practice the previously explained concepts in the theoretical lessons, allowing the participants also to know, enjoy and take pictures of spectacular places from the natural, cultural and landscape point of view, accompanied by two photographers with expert knowledge of these places, at full disposition for the participants to resolve any doubts or to give the necessary advice.

The workshops also include projections and studies of the photos realized by the participants, in which the technical and esthetical aspects are commented, accompanied by advice of how to improve on both aspects.

Although it is not indispensable to assist, it is recommended to come with basic knowledge about photography and with a digital reflex camera to take more advantage of the workshops.

Students: 10 minimum, 20 maximum

Day 1

The beautiful city of Granada is the starting point of our photographic tour.

After meeting the other participants we travel to Hotel Tres Sierras located near to the Sierra de Baza, where we are served in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

The course starts with welcoming the participants and explaining the photographic tour together with the documentation of the course. Before lunch we start the first workshops on landscape and night photography.

In the afternoon the real adventure begins: we visit the incredible desert landscapes of the “Bad lands”; an area of incredible shapes and colours which invokes images of far away countries with great photographic possibilities. We realize our workshop among giant whitish dunes coloured by salmon soils and surrounded by spectacular rocks with reddish and yellowish tones forming a unique melting pot of shapes and colours in Europe. After the sunset we return to the hotel but not before having made a stop to realize our first practice of night photography.

Day 2

Today we go out very early to take pictures of a reservoir in the middle of a desert landscape, with attractive gullies of different colours and singular shapes, reflected in the water on days with little wind. Although the lake is artificial its represents somehow the original natural state millions of years ago; a great interior sea surrounded by Bad lands, an image that reminds of a great oasis in the middle of the desert.

We return to the hotel to visit after our breakfast a large Megalithic park which has more than 200 dolmen and an impressive museum that explains the megalithic époque and its monuments.

After our visit we travel to the Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata, famous for its nature and almost unspoiled beaches and beautiful coves, surrounded by interesting volcanic rock formations.

Before getting to one of its most appreciated coves we visit the salt pans where we can see flamencos and a picturesque fishermen village, and after taking pictures of the sunset and night fall we are leaving to our nearby hotel. After our dinner we return to the sea to realize our night photography images with a lovely beach as our backdrop.

Day 3

Our photographic tour takes us early in the morning to one of the most beautiful beaches of the Cabo de Gata, where we can take our pictures at sunset among the surprising dunes and coves.

After breakfast we return to visit other nearby beaches to return afterwards to our hotel  Tres Sierras.

Once finished our dinner we travel to another part of the desert lands, this time we visit an area of the Bad lands, characterized by huge gullies and sandstone ravines of different colours forming a spectacular desert whole that reminds of film and documentary landscapes. After taking pictures of the sunset and night fall we return to the hotel.

Once finished our dinner we take up our theoretical courses of landscape and night photography, viewing and discussing the works of the participants realised up to know, in order to improve the quality of the images to be taken.

Day 4

After our breakfast our tour show us the Sierra de Baza with its large ethnographic heritage. Between mountains of over 2000 metres height, covered with snow a large part of the year and with an interesting botanic patrimony like autochthonous pine tree groves we discover several abandoned villages which colours and shapes remind of the Berber villages in Morocco.

In the afternoon we travel to Granada to enjoy this lovely city, taking part of a “tapas tour” visiting its most authothonous restaurants and meals. We also have the opportuniy to visiting its Arab neighbourhoods of the Albaicyn and Sacromonte with its uncountable scenic streets and corners and viewpoints to the city and the Alhambra.

Day 5

In the morning we stay in Granada with the option of visiting the impressive Alhambra with its towers and defence walls and incredible palaces and gardens.

Before our lunch we travel towards another beautiful historic city: Antequera, located at the very heart of Andalusia where after our lunch the unique and incredible Torcal de Antequera awaits us. This place reminds of the famous Ciudad Encantada de Cuenca with its large “woods of stones” alleys and figures in the rocks.

Its easy access allows us an unforgettable and light walk among phantasmagorical rock shapes emphasized by the last light of the day. In this place we realize our night photography workshop in which (whenever the weather allows us so) we can take spectacular night photos, images that astonish for the singularity of the rocks combined with the stars and its movements. After finishing our pictures we return to our hotel situated at the very centre of Antequera.

Day 6 

Today our photographic tour takes us to Ronda but not before having visited some interesting places on our way like the Paraje Natural Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. Although its area is quite small, it has a great variety of landscapes and many things to be seen: big lakes, surrounded by large pine forests, ravines of more than 400 metres deep, lush riverbank forests, sandstone gullies with interesting shapes reminding the landscapes of Arizona as well as the remains of an ancient village carved out of the rocks. We take our photographic breaks at its viewpoints and visit some of its singular sandstone rocks.

After having lunch in a restaurant in this lovely place we continue our tour to the Serranía de Ronda. Here at the heart of the Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves we take pictures of its most emblematic species: the pinsapo (Spanisfh fir) a lovely fir that only exists in the province of Málaga and Cádiz and in no other placed in the rest of the world. Here it forms dense green forests invoking us once more images of faraway countries. After taking photos at sunset of this interesting place we finally reach    Ronda, “the dreamed city” according to the German poet Rilke. The city with its charming historic quarter is situated on top of a ravine, once divided by an impressive gorge of more than 150 metres deep but  united some centuries ago by a famous bridge. After having dinner in our hotel which has one of the city´s best locations we can take a walk around the city, enjoying is impressive and well preserved cultural heritage.

Day 7

On our last day we visit the Parque Natural Los Alcornocales which has one of Europe’s best conserved autochthonous forests with a lush sub-tropical vegetation, with many endemic species, which intense green tones surprise in one of the driest and hottest regions of Europe.

A picturesque road guides us through dense forests of cork oak trees (from which trunk the cork is taken), pine trees and gall oaks covered with moss and ferns. Throughout many kilometres there are almost no signs of human presence.

Our last photographic destiny is a route in one of these forests, covered with a blanket of moss and ferns even in the trunks and branches of the trees. Our walk passes trough remains of ancient villages and farmhouses, narrow valleys with small rivers and waterfalls surround by a lush vegetation forming real “misty forests”. The charm of the place and the photographic opportunities compensate abundantly the physical effort and while we are walking we are accompanied by large centenarian cork and gall oak trees.

After a pleasant stay in the magic and tropical forest alike place, we start our travel homewards to Granada, with a farewell lunch on our way. On our way we can make a stop in Málaga for participants who wish to end their journey or have to take their flight here in Málaga.


Eastern week (Optional extra night in Málaga

1º Day Granada – Gor (Granada)

10:00 Meeting point Granada airport

11:00 Transfer to Hotel Tres Sierras Gor

11:30 Introduction to the workshop

12:00 Workshop landscape photography Theory I

13:00 Workshop night photography Theory I

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Photographic tour with practice night photography

22:00 Dinner

2º Day Gor – Cabo de Gata (Almería)

07:00 Photographic excursion at sunrise

09:30 Breakfast

10:30 Visit to the Megalithic Museum

11:30 Transfer to Hotel de Cabo de Gata

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Photographic tour

20:00 Dinner

21:00 Night photography excursion

00:00 Return to hotel

3º Day Cabo de Gata (Almería) – Gor (Granada)

06:30 Photographic excursion at sunrise

09:30 Breakfast

10:00 Photographic tour around Cabo de Gata

12:30 Transfer to hotel Tres Sierras Gor

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Photographic tour

20:30 Dinner

21:30 Workshop landscape photography Theory II

22:00 Workshop night photography Theory II

22:30 Viewing of the students works

4º Day Gor – Granada

09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Photographic tour around Sierra de Baza

14:00 Lunch

15:30 Transfers to hotel in Granada

20:30 Dinner with “Tapas Tour” and free time

5º Day Granada – Antequera (Málaga)

08:00 Breakfast

08:30 Visit to the Alhambra and/or Albaizin and Sacromonte (optional)

13:00 Transfer to hotel in Antequera

14:30 Lunch

16:00 Photographic tour

20:30 Dinner (picnic)

21:30 Continuation tour (night photography)

00:00 Return to hotel

6º Day Antequera – Ronda (Málaga)

09:00 Breakfast

09:30 Transfer to hotel in with photographic stops

14:00 Lunch on tour

15:30 Continuation tour

20:30 Dinner

21:30 Viewing of the students works

7º Day Ronda – Granada 

07:00 Breakfast

07:30 Photographic tour

14:00 Return

15:30 Farewell meal

17:00 Return to Granada, passing along Málaga

Duration: 7 days (Optional 1 night extra, Saturday 1 de December in Málaga

Participants: 15 minimum, 25 maximum.

The tour includes:

  • Transfer airport/hotel/airport
  • Transfers in Microbus
  • Accommodation in double bedroom in full board (*)
  • Travel insurance
  • Tuition by two teachers specialized in landscape and night photography with theoretical and practical workshops during the tour

* On some days the lunch and dinner are taken as a picnic to guarantee the maximum stay in the places to take pictures

Final note: the realization of the pictures depends largely on the local weather conditions. Andalusia has a privileged climate with normally many hours of sun and little rainy days, however the weather can change.  The organisers reserve the right to change hours and tours whenever the circumstances require so (example rain, bad state access roads) for the good of the participants and the photos to take. Normally reaching the exact locations of taking the photos will require some physical effort we therefore recommend the participants to be familiar with walking in the countryside.  

The tour does not include:

Entrances to monuments or guides at monuments

Transports within cities

No other service not indicated in the section “The tour includes”

Making a reservation:

The available places are filled by inscription order by paying the reservation of place (x $). Once the payment has been realized the documentation of the tour and the photographical recommendations will be send to the participants