The oasis of the desert tour

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Today we visit an area which is a true oasis in the middle of a large desert area of the “Bad-Lands”. Multiple births of thermal waters, which can be enjoyed in the spa and the swimming pool, give life to a true Orchard, which is at the same time as an oasis of peace and sensations and whose magic accompanies us throughout the tour. We visit a hot springs ditch which has grown upwards naturally for thousands of years, reaching today a considerable height and forming some beautiful waterfalls. We will also visit its endemic flora, its dolmens in good state of conservation and some geoglyphs whose enigmatic inscriptions seem to want to transport us in time. This lovely walk in this magic area invites us to enjoy and relax, and open horizons towards new experiences.

* Photographic tours with personal tuition.

* Guided walking tour with information about flora and fauna, ethnography and geology, by comfortable paths, distance: from 2 to 4 kms (difference height from 100 to 300 m).


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