The Mountain of Light tour

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Our tour takes us to the highest mountains in the Iberian Peninsula, with peaks of almost 3,500 metres high, covered with snow most of the year. This place has a great variety of landscapes and ecosystems, with an extraordinary biodiversity. There are numerous endemic species of flora and fauna. There is the possibility to admire the mountain from very high altitudes and enjoy the sensation of height and magnitude of the place.

We can also approach Sierra Nevada by one of the most beautiful routes in Andalusia and become amazed by the view from below to the highest mountains. As we walk between a beautiful and lush Mediterranean forest, crossed by streams and waterfalls, suddenly the valley opens to make way for a spectacular view where are mountains, “looking” at us from 2,500 metres above, a gift that invites the full enjoyment of the beauty and greatness of this place.

* Guided sight-seeing tours

* Photographic tours with personal tuition.

* Guided walking tour with information about flora and fauna, ethnography and geology, by comfortable paths, distance: from 10 km (difference height 300 m), to 15 km (difference height 500 m).


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